Single Barrel Wheated
Bourbon Whiskey

Rich sweetness from cream, vanilla and fruit, with a creamy mouth feel.

Size: 70CL

ABV: 54.4%

Production Size: 72

Mashbill: 51% Corn | 45% Wheat | 4% Malted Barley

Age: 5 Years Old

Casks: New American White Oak

Distilled: September 2017

Bottled: September 2022

Released: October 2022

Whilst wheat is no longer rare to find in a bourbon whiskey, William LaRue Weller is believed to be the first to use wheat to create a bourbon, replacing the traditionally used rye.

Wheat shares a mellow flavor with bourbon, something we love. Sitting on the stoop on a hot day, sipping your wheated whiskey with one cube of ice to deal with the heat, truly makes for an amazing combination. 

With a desire to show off what wheat brings to bourbon we have chosen a 45% wheat mash bill, a level far above many others. For a match made in heaven, try this whiskey with some 80%+ dark chocolate.

At only 72 bottles, this small batch, single barrel wheated bourbon whiskey won’t last long.